The Framework for Monitoring and Oversight was developed to help states setup and manage their monitoring systems. The tools in the framework will help states gauge their current setup and provide tools to help train new monitors. 

This Framework is intended to highlight the essential elements of an effective system for monitoring and oversight based on input gathered from monitoring experts at the federal and state levels.  Each element is deemed “essential” because it is necessary to ensure a comprehensive approach that drives a continuous improvement cycle beginning with the identification of issues and the resolving of problems and sharing of best practices.  States are encouraged to assess their current monitoring approach against the essential elements and, should areas for improvement be identified, work with their Federal Project Officers to develop strategies and next steps for improvement.  

States may also use this Framework as a tool to advocate for the prioritization of monitoring as a primary focus area for leadership’s attention and investment.  The development of innovative strategies and initiatives will only benefit the workforce system to the extent that those practices are consistently and effectively implemented – a determination that can only be made through comprehensive monitoring and oversight.  

The following materials are available to support the Framework, including: