This section contains an alphabetical list of all resources authored, created, or posted in the Grants Application and Management Community page.

Annotated FOA

Audits and Audit Resolution

Budget Management and Grant Modifications

Complaints, Grievances, and Incident Reporting

Cost Allocation Plans and Indirect Costs

ETA Grant Management Overview and Readiness Assessment

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)

Financial Management: Procedures and Internal Controls 

Financial Reporting and Program Income

Grant Applications 101: An Overview of the Application Process

Grantee Handbook
The ETA Grantee Handbook is a useful tool to effectively manage your ETA competitive grant. This handbook is a general resource designed to orient grantees to the grant process in ETA. Specific details about particular grants may differ.

Match and Leveraged Resources

Payments and Cash Management

Personnel Compensation, Systems and Policies

Policies and Procedures (Part A & B)

Policies and Procedures Monitoring Policy Exercise

Policies and Procedures – Sample List

Procurement and Contract Administration

Property Management: Supplies, Equipment, and Intangible Property

Real Property and Leases

Records Management and Closeout

Sample MOU and Infrastructure Costs Toolkit

SMART Approach to 2020/2021 Uniform Guidance Revisions
This session will provide information on OMB’s revisions to the Uniform Guidance that were published in the Federal Register on August 2020 and February 2021.

SMART Telework Best Practices

Subrecipient Management and Oversight

Uniform Guidance Overview 2019

Uniform Guidance Quick Start Action Plan (QSAP)

Uniform Guidance Roadmap

Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles and Cost Classification 

Uniform Guidance Revisions – Before and After Crosswalk

Uniform Guidance Revisions – Summary of Major Changes

USDOL Division of Cost Determination Webpage
This site contains resources to assist in understanding the requirements regarding Indirect Cost Rates and Cost Allocation Plans.

USDOL Grant Numbering Scheme

USDOL/ETA Grants Management Webpage
This site contains links to finding funding opportunities, assistance in applying for a grant award and additional resources and information to help recipients manage their grant award.

WIA vs WIOA Administrative Cost Comparison Desk Aid

WIOA Infrastructure Costs Resources

WIOA Competitive Selection of One-Stop Operators: "Deep Dive"

WIOA Competitive Selection of One-Stop Operators: "The Basics"

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Part I: Funding

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Part II: Local vs. State Funding Mechanism

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Part III: Wisconsin's Cost Database


WIOA One-Stop Operator Competition QSAP