Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Infrastructure Costs and Funding

Sample MOU and Infrastructure Costs Toolkit
This sample MOU and accompanying cost allocation methodologies for hypothetical local areas may be used as a reference guide or toolkit when developing your own MOU. It should be viewed primarily as a support resource, issued as part of the WIOA implementation technical assistance efforts.

WIOA Infrastructure Costs Resources
This document contains a number of helpful resources related to WIOA Infrastructure Costs.

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Part I: Funding

Webinar providing an overview of key concepts and terms and foundational knowledge of the local and state funding mechanisms.

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Part II: Local vs. State Funding Mechanism
In this webinar, Federal partners walk participants step by step through a hypothetical example of how partner contributions may be determined under the state funding mechanism, followed by an interactive dialogue and Q&A.

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Part III: Wisconsin's Cost Database
This webinar is shares the State of Wisconsin's Job Centers Costs Database that was created to help its Local Areas in streamlining the tracking of infrastructure costs and other shared one-stop delivery costs such as additional costs.

Administrative Cost Desk Aids

WIA vs WIOA Administrative Cost Comparison Desk Aid
This chart compares the administrative cost definition from the WIA with the WIOA.

WIOA Administrative Costs vs Program Costs vs Indirect Cost Desk Aid - Temporarily Removed for an Update
This chart describes the differences between WIOA administrative costs, program costs and indirect costs and also identifies entities that may or may not charge all of their costs to the program cost category. 

One-Stop Operator Competition

One-Stop Operator Competition QSAP
Quick Start Action plan to aid in fulfilling all the requirements in selecting a One-Stop Operator.

Competitive Selection of One-Stop Operators: "The Basics"
This is the first of two technical assistance webinars on the topic of competitive selection of a one-stop operator.

Competitive Selection of One-Stop Operators: "Deep Dive"
In this second webinar, Federal staff and a local area expert will engage the audience in an interactive dialogue regarding more complex topics surrounding this issue.