These training modules are focused on helping you better manage your grants. In these training modules you will learn more about the requirements associated with your grant award and recommended practices to better facilitate the outcomes of the grant award. These training modules are built around the SMART theme. This stands for "Strategies for administering grants around Monitoring, Accountability, Risk mitigation and Transparency".

Collection of Uniform Guidance Trainings:
Trainings providing a basic knowledge and overview of the different section of the Uniform Guidance.

Collection of Administrative Requirements Trainings:
Trainings focused more specifically on the administrative requirements of a grant award.

Collection of Financial Management Trainings:
Trainings covering specific financial management areas.

Collection of Indirect Costs and Cost Allocation Trainings:
Trainings focusing on managing and reporting your indirect costs along with other areas of cost allocation.

Collection of Audit and Closeout Trainings:
Trainings providing guidance and information on the Audit and Closeout requirements.